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De Bali - Has It All - Guide - English


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    The Bali - Has It All - Guide contains 223 pages of Bali tips. A guide full of my personal tips that I've collected over the past years since I've lived here in Bali. You are going to come across some very special places after reading this guide, that you would probably never know about before.

    I'm going to share much, very much with you. This is the Bali guide especially for the traveler who wants to come to Bali for the first time, the 10th time but also even if you live in Bali. These are my tips about Bali, how I experience Bali and what my personal experiences are. For example, what I find cool locations, where I come to rest, what I find the nicest and most special locations, where I have eaten very good food. And I have made a 2-week itinerary for you. Very useful to give you a handle when you are planning your trip to Bali. And of course much more!

    Get ready for a magical journey around Bali, Nusa Islands and a little bit of Komodo. I'm going to tell you the most cool hotspots, must-do's, beach clubs, most beautiful beaches & waterfalls, airbnb’s all around the island of Bali.

    Everything I tell is from my own experience, I share unique photos from my private collection to show you the magic of Bali.

    Oh, and if you downloaded this book.... please let me know. i would love that! Send me a message on Instagram - my handle is in the guide!