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The Surrounding Islands of Bali - Guide ENGLISH

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    There is I then!!! The absolute biggest guide I have written so far!!! This guide went a bit out of control I will be honest, you will find out that you have a lot to read! The guide has a whopping 563 pages.... I know it's a huge amount!!! Because there is just so much to tell about these amazing islands... I take you to Lombok, Nusa islands, Gili islands and Komodo. So with 1 guide you have all the information about these 4 islands, that's great value for money!

    I wrote this guide based on my personal experiences during my travels to the islands over the past years. As an absolute fan of Indonesia, I have explored every nook and cranny of the surrounding islands of Bali and I can't wait to share my experiences with you now.

    This guide is for anyone who wants to experience the perfect island experience outside of Bali! Discover the almost magical beauty of the surrounding islands, including Lombok, the Nusa Islands, the Gili Islands and Komodo. Whether you're looking for a quiet retreat in nature, the ultimate surfing experience, or just want to relax on beautiful beaches, this Guide provides everything you need to make the most of your trip. Stay tuned through all my insider tips, best recommendations and practical information to make your adventure unforgettable! I really describe everything I know from visas to clothing tips, to the finest accommodations, tastiest restaurants, personal phone numbers of things like drivers and scooter rentals, the most beautiful places you really need to visit and so much more!!!! You have no less than 563 pages to go with information that you wouldn't otherwise know (and yes, I absolutely dare to say that out loud) and through my pictures I take you into paradise!

    🌴 Lombok: I have explored Lombok all over and am almost enchanted by the breathtaking landscapes of this too crazy island! From the epic Mount Rinjani to chilling on the pearly white beaches of Kuta and discovering the unique Sasak culture in traditional villages - I experienced it all and now it's your turn!

    🏝️ Nusa Islands: The Nusa Islands absolutely stole my heart with their pristine beauty! From Nusa Penida to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan - I've swam with manta rays & snorkeled the colorful underwater world and felt the relaxed vibes of these tropical gems. Now it's your turn to discover these magical places! This guide has become the greatest of all of them, there is so much to discover here!

    🐢 Gili Islands: In the Gili Islands, I found the ultimate chill paradise! White sandy beaches, azure waters and an amazing underwater world. I had a great time on Gili Trawangan, explored the beautiful coral reefs around Gili Meno and discovered the laid-back charm of Gili Air. Now it's your turn to explore these idyllic islands!

    🐉 Komodo National Park: Komodo National Park is a world of adventure! I can't put this into words other than magic! I got to see those infamous Komodo dragons, the largest lizards in the world, up close and explore the rugged mountains, lush landscapes and breathtaking beaches. Now you can immerse yourself in this unique environment!

    Get ready to experience the beauty and charm of Bali's surrounding islands! Download your copy of this ebook now and get inspired to live your own crazy adventure. I look forward to sharing my passion for Indonesia with you and watching you enjoy the magic of these crazy destinations!

    Oh, and if you downloaded this book.... please let me know. Love it! Send a message on Instagram - my Instagram handle is in the guide!


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