My Story

The global pandemic has changed Bali forever. As a resident and a lover of the freedom and peace of this island, I wanted to do my part to support the locals and offer them a ray of hope in this dark time.That’s why I created Laros Official. And now I want to share with the world the endless summer feel and the inspiration that comes from this tropical paradise.

I strongly believe that you can’t look or feel your best if your clothes are made using practices or materials that damage the world or local families. That’s why I work with artisan friends in Bali to create a natural clothing & genuine leather line with love and great care.

LAROS. focusses on quality over quantity, using premium natural fabrics and hand sewn finishes to ensure, each garment becomes a long-term investment piece. We do not hold warehouses of excess stock and endeavour to create minimal waste with every collection by working closely with our hometailoring families.

I source all fabrics myself and avoid harmful dyeing methods. Each person who works for LAROS. is a specialist or a craftsman, which I dearly treasure. I only work with local Balinese families, an open and honest environment is important to us, therefore I visit all the home-tailors every week.

And with our focus on natural, sustainably sourced fabrics and products, I can help you collect sustainable fashion pieces that will make you look and feel beautiful inside and out.

What also important is to know for you, is that we ship from The Netherlands, so all items can quickly hang in your closet ❤️.

XX Kim